Project Description Owner Last Change
avr_bc100.git Code for Atmel's BC100 Develop... 6 years ago
avr_cal.git AVR Compiler Abstraction Layer 6 years ago
avr_serial_lcd.git AVR cross-platform program... 4 years ago
cl-base64.git Common Lisp base64 library 5 years ago
cl-fftw3.git Common Lisp library to using... 5 years ago
cl-modlisp.git Mid-level Common Lisp library... 4 years ago
cl-photo.git Common Lisp photographic and... 4 years ago
cl-readline.git Common Lisp library to use... 5 years ago
cl-rss.git Common Lisp llbrary for fetchi... 23 months ago
clsql.git Common Lisp SQL interface... 5 months ago
cluck.git Common Lisp library for microc... 5 years ago
ctsim.git Computed Tomography simulator... 20 months ago
getopt.git Common Lisp library for parsin... 5 years ago
hyperobject.git Common Lisp library providing... 16 months ago
irc-logger.git Common Lisp daemon for logging... 5 years ago
kmrcl.git Set of general Common Lisp... 16 months ago
lml.git Common Lisp HTML generation... 4 years ago
lml2.git Improved Common Lisp macro... 2 years ago
md5.git Common Lisp MD5 library 5 years ago
memstore.git Memstore Common Lisp library... 3 years ago
pipes.git Common Lisp library for provid... 5 years ago
postoffice.git Common Lisp library for sendin... 6 years ago
ptester.git Common Lisp testing framework 6 years ago
pubmed.git Common Lisp interface to the... 16 months ago
puri.git Common Lisp URI processing... 4 years ago
reversi.git Common Lisp implementation... 4 months ago
rlc.git Common Lisp library for comput... 5 years ago
rt.git Common Lisp testing framework 5 years ago
uffi.git Common Lisp Universal Foreign... 2 years ago
umlisp-orf.git Common Lisp library for proces... 3 years ago
umlisp.git Common Lisp library for proces... 16 months ago
vcs-tree.git Common Lisp command-line utili... 4 years ago
wdq2wav.git Command-line utility to turn... 10 months ago
wol.git Common Lisp mid-level web... 6 years ago
xlunit.git Common Lisp unit testing framework 5 years ago
xmlutils.git Common Lisp library for parsin... 6 years ago
xptest.git Common Lisp unit testing framework 4 years ago