descriptionCommon Lisp photographic and optics library
last changeTue, 17 Nov 2009 01:51:34 +0000
2009-11-17 Kevin Rosenberg Add doc-base master debian-0.14-4
2009-11-17 Kevin Rosenberg Add doc-base
2009-09-28 Kevin Rosenberg remove extra whitespace
2009-09-28 Kevin Rosenberg fix permissions
2009-08-03 Kevin Rosenberg Convert dh-lisp, add Vcs-Browser debian-0.14-3
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenberg Updates for new debian standards debian-0.14-2
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg Set near-point correctly when at or above hyperfocal... debian-0.14-1 v0.14
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg Automated commit for upstream build of version 0.13 debian-0.13-1 v0.13
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg revert back to using near/far point. Check for hyperfoc...
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg add bug closing
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg modify return values of DOF to be front/rear DOF rather...
2007-09-09 Kevin Rosenberg Add new Nikon & Canon DSLRs debian-0.12-1 v0.12
2007-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenberg r11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2007-08-28 Kevin M. Rosenberg r11851: add cl-kmrcl dependency
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenberg r11451: add test
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenberg r11446: new policy
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